Inside Scoop from Dr. Oz!

Massage & 4 Key Lifestyle Habits Can Help Provide the Power to Heal

Dr. Oz shared valuable insights and tips at the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) national conference in Denver last week as he addressed an audience of licensed massage therapists and industry professionals. Dr. Oz spoke about the healing benefits of massage and recommended that therapists not only provide healing and relaxation within sessions, but also share insights with clients regarding how to live positively at home. Helping people lead happy, healthy, pain free lives is what we do at Miracle Stretch, so we couldn’t agree more.  Here’s the skinny from Dr. Oz:

4 Key Lifestyle Habits

  • Encourage good nutrition- what to eat (i.e. nuts) and drink (i.e. coffee, tea, water)
  • Promote positive habits – plenty of sleep, no noise, keep it dark, exercise
  • Reduce hostility and let go of anger
  • Reduce stress

The combination of these four habits, plus the healing benefits of massage, is a recipe for healthy living. Dr. Oz cited that there are 160 million Americans with chronic pain; and stress is the number one cause of obesity which leads to an extensive amount of other issues and represents 25 percent of healthcare costs in the United States. At Miracle Stretch, we know weight can be a contributor to low back and buttocks pain associated with Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome, too – with 30 million Americans suffering from low back pain at any given time.  Exercise and proper stretching for muscle relaxation can help ease a multitude of pain. The Piri-Stretcher® is an exceptional tool to use at home, in conjunction with massage therapy, to help relax the piriformis muscle and relieve pain.

Dr. Oz has seen an approximate 20-25 percent reduction in pain, stress, tension, depression, and fatigue post-operation by using massage at his medical center in New York.  This is not isolated, there is an increase in physicians using massage in practice, and it appears to be at a tipping point as cultural needs are changing. As noted on the AMTA website, it is the association’s position that massage therapy can improve health and wellness through its effects on the physical, mental and social well-being of an individual. Yet there is still skepticism, or perhaps ignorance, in the medical community regarding the need for massage. New interdisciplinary clinics and models including membership-based massage, such as LaVida Massage Wellness Centers, are providing easier, more affordable access to natural wellness solutions. Also, grassroots campaigns, communication, and education are helping to turn the tide.

According to Dr. Oz, medicine usually takes 17 years for a proven insight to advance its course; awareness and acceptance has been accelerating with massage. He urged massage and healthcare industry practitioners to help Americans understand their bodies and the power to heal…relax, learn, live positively, and take good care of yourself…pass it on!