What is your definition of renewed and refreshed?

What is your definition of renewed and refreshed? Is it making time for yourself doing what satisfies you or is it a quiet night watching your favorite movie, curled up with a blanket while it’s pouring cats and dogs? Whatever that definition is explains your passion, moment in time, and how you want to escape into your own “reality”. It is about getting away from everything and just taking the time you need to reflect on everything that is going on in your hectic life.

My favorite way to take time to myself is hitting the gym. I put my headphones in and just ignore the world around me, working out any frustrations that may have surfaced throughout the day. For me, it is the best way to take some ‘me time’ to relax and reflect on the day, plus I also get the benefits of the exercised that I do. I always leave the gym feeling refreshed, like all my aggravation and stress has left my body through my workout.

Whatever your definition of renewed and refreshed may be or whatever you do to get that feeling of being renewed and refreshed, make sure you always set aside time for it. Taking that time, to allow yourself to reflect on your day, week, or month, is so important to living a healthy, stress-free (or as little stress as possible) life. Every little moment you get to yourself is precious, even if it is taking only one hour every month to relax and get a massage.